Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oreimo Vol.2

You were waiting for this.
Kuroneko pics. 169 of them.

New link here:
I even added more pics.

Although they won't all be random like that one ^ They have had a lot of effort put into them.
They are using the same organizing system as Vol.1, so it's very organized and ready to be resorted or retagged into your collection. Use the txt doc entitled Tags to figure out how things work.

I will be announcing some big projects pretty soon, they may even have ways in which you can help. (Though I doubt it)


  1. new links? The old ones are dead.

  2. plz new links! <3

    1. I'll be getting to re-uploading very soon. I just recently revived this site. I'll also be upgrading the bundles with more pics.


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