Thursday, June 21, 2012

Project Yuri

Some of you may know I like yuri.
I put lots of work and thought into the current Yuri bundles available here. But as new organizational tactics come into use, I've realized my Yuri collection of ~500 pics need an over-haul.
I could simply bundle it into 5 packs and have done. But I always organize my pics.
So for the first time, I will be taking requests, and ideas on how I can make this project the best one yet.
Here are some things to consider:
The 'S' 'E' 'H' System will need some changes. Since Ecchi is too broad a tag for Yuri, and there aren't many pics that would fall into the 'Safe' tag. Also, at what point would it fall under the Hentai tag?
For the first bundles I had tags like:
K -Kiss
O -Oral
But that was a lot of work and didn't seem to end up how I would've liked.
I need a system that can be recognized quickly and reliably. Having to open up each pic to check slows things up, especially when Ctrl-Selecting up to 40 pics.
Think about it, even if you think with your dick, your input is needed. This is porn after all, if you dick has an idea, it may just be a good one. 

Anyways, if you're good at organizing or just have an idea, leave a comment.
Remember, I can't tag pics like this is Danbooru. It's not. I would like to be, but I'd need an army to do that, or a really good bot.
I don't expect much in terms of feedback here, but this post will be used as a reference while discussing the matter on irc.

In the mean time, my next bundles will be of either Haganai or a few more Oreimo packs. You can vote on that too if you want, leave a comment.

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