Thursday, August 16, 2012

Total Reboot

Many, many factors and decisions brought me to this point. A lot of them would take time to discuss, which I don't feel like doing.
 Condensed story: Was in a place with no Wi-Fi, focused on organizing.

 History of the B-Series:
When starting out, I had an idea that while numbering I'd put the Ecchi pics first then slowly move into the more hardcore stuff. This idea worked at first. Until it came time to number more pics. I had already numbered from ecchi to hentai. I would either have to re-number everything to add in pics to the gap or split series.
The 'B' was chosen mainly because I kept all the pics in one folder at the time. It also payed respect to my SFW series which is the A-Series. Although I keep the B-Series in it's own folder now, and letters are no longer put before most of my pics; I keep the 'B' in remembrance or the early days.

-There is no txt doc for the tags. You'll have to use the info in the 'Protip' txt doc.
-There is one pic from my 'Favourites' folder used as a Milestone at the 1000 pics mark.
-If you already have B Vol. 1-4 You will still have to re-download since I made changes to those bundles.

Now, you may enjoy the first 1000 pics of the B-Series. Fully organized in record speeds :D 

If any of the links are down, tell me. I was using a new upload method.

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