Thursday, April 5, 2012

Artist Appreciation

So I've always been a fan of finding out about some of the artists behind the pics I love so much.
I have a massive list of artists that I've found notable.
I also have a area for artists I collect pics from. Although you're probably expecting me to start posting links of my fav artists, I won't do that :(
I'll simply list them this time since I have no bundles prepared.
Coffee Kizoku -Probably my favorite artist. He/She has a very distinct style, making it easy to collected pieces by him/her. Example:
Another artist I like is Kurigo, an absolute master of bathing-suits especially one-piece ones *o*
He/She also draws other athletic things.  Kurigo has not worked on any VNs/Eroges I've been able to find, meaning all of his/her work is done solely on a passion for active and athletic girls, which is very commendable.  

That's all for now, I'll have more articles in the future to appreciate some of these talented artists.
If you have a favorite artist, please, leave a comment. If you are an artists then feel free to share your work or critique the artists mentioned above.

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