Monday, April 2, 2012

Oreimo Returns!

So with news of a second season spreading. I've noticed my resources have been posting many more Oreimo pics :D
Thus I will starting putting some effort to organizing my Oreimo folder. Keep an eye out for it.
In the mean time:
This guy is a hero to all Oreimo fans. The models he's made are outstanding. I have a collection of swf's that can be found on his site. I'll post it later though. But for my policy for a pic in every post: [In memory of the pic that was lost T_T]
Kyou is a creeper. And he has been known to get some of the other characters knocked up. I wonder if we'll see any of this during the next season... (This is canon btw, if you don't believe me look it up.) EDIT: Strange the pic reposted above was not working when I got here. Could it be an error or something more sinister? If these pics are going to be taken down we could have a problem. I've reposted this one a test, if it is taken down again I'll have to do some re-planning. >.>
EDIT 2: Fuck it, it's my own fault. Didn't read the guide-lines. (Makes me wonder about the other pic :/) I will be switching image hosts.

Hello to those in Germany btw. Which is leading in views from far off places with 4 :/ Also, there have been 6 people that have come here using IE.... Why... just why >.<

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