Sunday, April 1, 2012

First Normal Post

Hello to those that have come to visit. I noticed I even got some visitors from Japan *o*
Anyways this is what posts in the future will be like. A quick hello, some random stuff. and then:
Pic- b234

This is what you can expect to see in this next bundle of hentai pics.

B Vol.3

For those of you wanting sauce, I recommend, it's literally built for these types of situations. But I'll post something about the resources and sites I use later.
Also, no more passwords. I realized that while downloading CG Packs, I often find that the file is password protected and can't be extracted. Sometimes I can find the password, but usually I can't. I would only be annoying those that find these links without the password, or don't speak English by password protecting my files. :(
 I will, however have a text file or short-cut referring to this blog in my bundles in the near future. ^^

All credit goes to the original artists. I don't own anything.

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