Friday, April 13, 2012

This is what I've been waiting for

One of my very first posts here was dump of my links. It was very popular and probably one of the most important posts.
 Those were not all my links. I still had maybe ten others that had been posted on other forums. In addition to posting these links today, I will be reposting the other links. Without passwords :D
First a pic:

Here we go:
#S Vol.1
#S Vol.2
#S Vol.3
#S Vol.4
#S Vol.5
#S Vol.6
#S Vol.7
#S Vol.8
#S Vol.9
#S Vol.10
B Vol.1
B Vol.2
B Vol.3
Bondage Vol.1
Bondage Vol.2
Guilty Crown
Riding Yayoi
(^Please pass that one around, I know lots of people are looking for it^)
T Vol.1
T Vol.2
T Vol.3
Tony Taka Vol.1
Yuri Vol.1
Yuri Vol.2
Remember, a lot of these are old or incomplete.
Seeing how few links there are makes me sad :( I will try to work harder on uploading stuff in the future. Hopefully you enjoy the things posted here ^^
After an eventful day on IRC, I have two more links to post.
Squid Girl

Both very valued links.

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