Saturday, April 7, 2012


So today I found a nice channel on IRC. #hentai is what it's called.
I'll be spending lots of time there, so you may find me there giving out as many pics as I can.

In other news. I have been running short of space onboard 'The Viking'
I've been trying to put together a plan to secure and back-up my collection. But I don't have much storage on my other computers. Thus, intake of pics has slowed down a little bit. You won't notice the difference though. Unless everything corrupts overnight.
 I may set up a donation thingy to help with storage stuff, but I don't really want to get any banking information tied up into my hentai world XD

Also, I have made some progress with my records/archives once they are finished you will be able to see exactly what I have and how much of it. Making requests run much smoother.
It will cover:
If you want something that is not under one of the tags, it will take longer to gather.
And for my pic-per-post policy.

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